British rule – State of Israel

1917 CE

The exhibition covering key events which took place during the 30 years of British Mandate in Palestine, leading up to the establishment of the State of Israel and Jerusalem as its capital in 1948.

The Hall is Closed Due to Renovations

On December 11, 2017, one hundred years after General Allenby entered the gates of Jerusalem and the start of the British Mandate for Palestine, an exhibition will open at the Tower of David that will expound upon the new government’s first steps after World War I. It will also describe the significance of those historical days for all of the city’s residents and for the ever-changing Jewish Yishuv, which experienced General Allenby’s entry into the city just a little more than a month after the Balfour Declaration was signed, which resulted in feelings of happiness and tremendous hope.

The exhibition will feature movies, photographs, original and rare objects, certificates, posters, mementos, and personal tourism albums, which are the material from which the fascinating history of the eternal city is made.

One hundred years later, the Tower of David, in the heart of Jerusalem, situated between the old city and the new city, will offer a fresh look at the legendary moments that changed Jerusalem forever.

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קיר מדיה (Video Wall), תצוגת הקבע (מוזיאון מגדל דוד, ירושלים)

 British Mandate to State of Israel

Rare archival images

A Video Wall